Q. Why should I join Mariner’s Welfare Organisation?
» Members are entitled to get residential and commercial units at subsidized rates in associated projects.
» Subsided rate of interest and concession on processing Fees from a housing finance bank.
» Daily news for registered members on a subscription basis while onboard vessel.
» Right to have admission in schools, vocational and non vocational maritime institutes at subsided fees.
» Right to have medical treatment at clinic and hospital's at subsided fees.
» Your next door neighbour is a seafarer.
» Platform to work for shipping community.
» Trust & complete reliability.
» Practical benefits in legal framework on account of complete know how.
Q. How can I become member while sailing onboard vessel?
» You have to send a request on our email info@mwoi.org .
Q. Who all are eligible to apply for a membership in MWO?
» All member's of “MARINER’S WELFARE ORGANISATION” shall comply with following requirements.
i) Mariner’s and personal involved in allied shipping activities i.e. educational institutes, shipping professional, manning, insurance chartering and of shore vessel, are eligible for membership.
ii) Sponsored and guaranteed personal by para (i) are eligible for membership.
iii) Spouse and kid’s of personnel of para (i), are eligible for membership.
iv) Any government servant ( retired also ) i.e. state, central and auto nous body of government are also eligible for membership, e.g. MMD surveyor, D.G. shipping official and M.O.T. official's.
Q. How can I enrol myself for ongoing project while I am onboard vessel and I am already a member?
» You can give a letter of authorisation to your close family member.
Q. How can one get the Application Form and Brochure?
» You can download the application from and e-brochure from website or fill Application form online or send filled form along with identity and residence proof by email or post to
Address B- 279 chhatarpur enclave phase II,
New Delhi – 110074, India
Ph: 7838794854,
Email address: info@mwoi.org, secretary@mwoi.org
Q. What, if both husband and wife are eligible for MWO Project?
» Where both are eligible, both of them can apply.
Q. Are MWO Allottees eligible to apply in new schemes?
» Yes
Q. Do we give any preference on allotment of specific floor to an allottee suffering from any disabilities?
» No preferences are given to any allottee suffering from disabilities, on medical ground, and old age of parents etc. However preference is given only to an allottee who is a battle casualty having 100% disability.
Q. What has to be done for change of Address/Rank?
» Member's are requested to kindly write simple application for change of address so that record can be updated accordingly.
Q. How much rebate does one get if the installment is made earlier?
» No rebate shall be given for earlier payment.
Q. How much time does it take to get refund of registration deposit/ installment paid in case of withdrawal?
» Before issue of allotment Letter - 6 to 8 weeks.
Q. How to get a duplicate copy of receipt (payment of installment etc.) if an allottee has misplaced or didn't receive the original copy of receipt?
» Duplicate copy of receipt is sent to the members only after getting a written request from the allottee.
Q. Can a allotted flat by MWO be sold? If yes, to whom?
» The allottee is permitted to sell his dwelling unit to anyone.
Q. What all documents are required for an allottee from MWO in order to take Home loan?
» Member needs following documents in order to get home loan, but not limited to.
i) Photo identity proof i.e Passport, Driving license, Voter ID Card, PAN card.
ii) Residence proof i.e Post paid phone bill, Driving license, Voter ID Card, Electricity bill.
iii) Bank Statement for last six month reflect transaction of salary.
iv) Form 16 or if form 16 is not issued by employer, letter from employer stating same and reason for not issuing form 16.
v) Salary Slip
vi) PAN card
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