» Members are entitled to get residential and commercial units at subsidized rates in associated projects.
» Subsided rate of interest and concession on processing fees from a housing finance bank.
» Daily news for registered members on a subscription basis while onboard vessel.
» Right to have admission in schools, vocational and non vocational maritime institutes at subsided fees.
» Right to have Medical treatment at clinics and hospitals at subsided fees.
» Your next door neighbour is seafarer.
» Platform to work for shipping community.
» Trust & complete reliability.
» Practical benefits in legal framework on account of complete know how.
All Member's of “MARINER’S WELFARE ORGANISATION” shall comply with following requirements.
i) Mariner’s and Personal involved in Allied Shipping Activities i.e. Educational Institutes, Shipping Professional, Manning, insurance Chartering and Off Shore vessel, are eligible for membership.
ii) Sponsored and Guaranteed Personal by Para (i) are eligible for membership.
iii) Spouse and kid’s of personnel of para (i), are eligible for membership.
iv) Any government servant (retired also) i.e. state, central and auto nous body of government are also eligible for membership, e.g. MMD surveyor, D.G. shipping official and M.O.T. official's.
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Kindly enroll me as a member of “Mariner's Welfare Organisation", for the purpose to arrange a dwelling unit and other welfare activities being taken by the Organisation in India or its operational areas. The required information is as under:-
Name of Applicant* :
Father's/Spouse’s Name:* :
Date of Birth (DD-MM-YYYY): :
PAN Card No. :
Mobile Number* :
Email Address* :
CDC / COC Number* :
Annual Income (Rs.)* :
Permanent Home Address :
Nominee's Name and relation, if any with address :
Mode of payment (Tick the option)* :
D.D/Cheque/ UTR No. & issued Date* :
Present Employer (with address and contact details) :
Registration Fees 1000 Rupees ( Cheque / DD / Cash )
Cheque in favour of “Mariner’s Welfare Organisation”
Kindly attach copy of one of the following documents with Application form.
a) Passport 
b) CDC 
c) Driving license 
d) Bank passbook
e) Voter ID card 
f) Post paid phone bill + photo ID 
g) Guarantee letter if any
I do hereby solemnly affirm and declare that I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Organisation and I undertake to abide by them. All the information provided is correct and updated.
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